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Precision Mould

Zhangzhou Sanyuan Plastic Co., Ltd.

(Chiteng Technology Subsidiary)

Formerly known as Furel Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., the company was founded in 2001. In January 2013, it was renamed as Shenzhen Wanbaofu Communication Co., Ltd., which is a collection of mobile phones, tablet computers, smart wearable molds, and mold manufacturing. Plastic products molding (injection molding), spraying, silk screen, assembly, sales as a comprehensive private enterprise; due to the company's development needs, in August 2017 in Sichuan Province, Zhangzhou City, the establishment of three yuan Plastic Co., Ltd.

  The company has standardized production plants of 15,000 square meters, advanced production equipment, high-standard dust-free workshops, staff canteens, staff activity rooms, dormitory and other production and welfare facilities; advanced management, strong strength and humanized management. The total number of employees has grown to nearly 600.