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Career Development
Career development and talent development
Based on the characteristics of employees and job requirements, ChiTeng Technology designs targeted training programs to help employees improve their professional skills and professional competitiveness. At the same time, ChiTeng Technology conducts a review through a fair and open review process to determine whether employees are promoted and provides more room for development.

Backup culture

Tilt resources to accelerate the training of key reserve talents

Work counseling

In daily work, supervisors will pay attention to the work status of employees and provide guidance and encouragement to employees at any time.

Job rotation

Arrange for employees to work at a higher level, broaden their horizons, enrich their work experience, and gain more room for development

Personal development plan

Supervisors understand the career orientation of employees and coach employees to develop a reasonable personal development plan


Design targeted training based on the job criteria to help employees gain more management and expertise

Measuring skills and abilities

The supervisor regularly evaluates the skills and abilities of the employees and provides the basis for subsequent training measures.