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Supply Chain

Every link in the supply chain plays a key role in the success or failure of the product. Since its inception, Chiteng Technology has regarded the supply chain as an important part of its own. Chiteng Technology not only has strict quality control standards for the introduction of parts, but also strictly controls the quality of suppliers, and finally forms an efficient scoring system and auditing system.

Chiteng Technology has always maintained an efficient and close cooperation with the first-class suppliers in the industry to grow together. Different enterprises in the supply chain realize information sharing by building a cross-platform information system, ensuring accurate and timely transmission of information in the supply system, and ensuring smooth business processes. The adoption of these measures not only effectively controls costs, but also responds quickly to the needs of the end market. It is through the joint efforts of the supply chain partners that the legend of Chiteng technology products has been enduring.

Become a supplier
Chiteng Technology always puts quality first, which is why we expect suppliers to become industry leaders, to be able to share the same level with international competitors, and to pursue sustainable development. Our suppliers support us by providing innovative products and reliable services, on-time delivery and market pricing. In return, we have established long-term partnerships with them for equality and mutual benefit.
Do you want to apply to become a supplier of Chiteng Technology? If you meet the basic requirements of our suppliers, you can send your company and profile email to caichengzhang@kgtel.net

First, the basic requirements for products and brands
1. Have a good brand reputation and have a certain reputation in the industry;
2. The product quality is excellent, the manufacturer has strict product quality control system;
3. The manufacturer has perfect sales and after-sales service;
4. The product requirements meet various mandatory certifications, regulations and requirements (the certification required by our company is CE, ROSH, etc.).

Second, the basic requirements for suppliers
1. Provide competitive prices and policies to ensure adequate capacity and stable supply;
2. Accept payment by account or bank acceptance;
3. The agent shall be able to provide valid brand authorization documents for the products to be represented, and the manufacturer shall be able to provide the trademark registration documents of the products produced;
4. Can provide valid company documents (business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate);
5. Qualified as a general taxpayer, for all products supplied, can provide special VAT invoices, and the invoice content is consistent with the actual purchase of goods;
6. Provide good after-sales support.